Opinion: Dear Mr. Trump - No, you didn't get the job at the White House 

"Your generalization of Mexicans being people who bring drugs, crime, and rape to the United States is now the rallying cry of Mexicans across the world."


Opinion: ‘Sabado Gigante’ is going, but Don Francisco bound to remain

"In its 53 years of existence, hours of comedy sketches, and hundreds of automobile giveaways, “Sabado Gigante,” the Univision staple since 1962, made a mark around the world by creating what billion-dollar television networks could never do ― Latino television."


Opinion: University of Oklahoma case highlights how privileged fraternity members are out of touch

"Kappa Alpha set the ideal that joining a Greek fraternal organization was more than just joining a student organization. It was a transition into a secret society. And who doesn’t like a good secret?"




Opinion: A student response to 'themed parties' at the University of Texas at Austin

"Whether a solution lies in mandatory culture components in the academic curriculum, or a mandatory diversity seminar for Greek life on the UT campus, something ultimately needs to get done before each and every person of color stops enrolling at the University of Texas."




Opinion: ‘East Los High’ Show Builds A Future For Latinos In Media

"Director Carlos Portugal authentically gives the viewer a sense that they are in East Los Angeles.  He makes the show feel like a documentary, even though it is produced in a telenovela type format."





8 Body Image Struggles All Latinas Understand

"8. Going bare-faced in public. Or being a Latina who just doesn't wear a lot of makeup, period. And being paranoid that someone will see you and judge you for it. It's that internal battle: You think, I'm grabbing coffee from the bodega literally 4 feet away! Why do I need to put on a full face of makeup? This is stupid! Then you hear it: Your mother's (or your grandmother's) voice in your head, asking you, "But mija, what if someone sees you?"


13 Latino Candies You Forgot You Were Obsessed With

"1. Duvalín. Duvalín is like the Latino version of a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich, but without the ice cream. And also the sandwich, because obviously that would just slow you down when you were trying to get to the delicious chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut, and vanilla frosting (duh). Basically, Duvalín is just a container of frosting, because everyone knows that's something you totally need in your life. The only tool necessary to tear into this treat? A spoon. "



                           RESPECT magazine (Hip hop culture)


Kendrick Lamar & Hip-Hop Will Be 'Alright' After Grammy's

"The 2016 Grammy Awards have come and gone but the after-buzz still remains: Was Kendrick Lamar robbed?"




ICYMI: 2016 NAACP Image Awards

"With the conversation sparked, eyes were on the NAACP Image Awards last Friday night and, thankfully, it didn’t disappoint."




RIAA Change Brings The Weeknd, Big Sean, Platinum Albums

"Nicki Minaj, The Wknd, Big Sean, and a few others artists just got their Monday made."




Tyson Drops B.o.B Diss - "Flat to Fact"

"Who knew that a diss track about science would ever exist?"




Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Address "White Privilege II" On Sway

"If you’ve had nine minutes to spare this past week you might you have listened to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “White Privilege II.”




​The Weeknd Drops New Clothing Capsule

"It seems like Storm Jonas might have inspired XO’TWOD, The Weeknd’s clothing imprint, to drop their latest clothing capsule."




ICYMI: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Announce New Album

"The independent hip hop sensation that began to take over the airways in 2012 is back. Are you ready for another heist?"




Why "Straight Outta Compton" and the Oscars Matter

"An award is a great recognition to receive. So fans of N.W.A and Straight Outta Compton should celebrate their Oscar nomination, but not, by any reason, be content.

The Oscars are a small but prevalent example of how, even if indirectly, discrimination  still exists."




Is Nas Shifting Silicon Valley Culture?

"Nas‘ name is getting attention again – from our ears and our brains."



                                        TEEN VOGUE


14 Celebs You Totally Forgot Were On Dancing With the Stars

"Whether ABC's Dancing With the Stars is your guilty pleasure or your unabashed favorite show on television, you have to admit that an impressive roster of celebrities have appeared on the program. Whether they were once A-listers or their fame was only beginning, it’s easy to forget that some very notable names have cha-cha’d their way through the show. And those routines! Sure, not all of them could take home the Mirror Ball trophy, but they tried, right? Below, find 14 celebs who have tried to take home the gold, who you may have forgotten about."


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