I have had the honor of lending my voice to different causes in the last couple of years and always look for more opportunities to do that through which ever avenue that may be.

                                                     Mexican American Representation

 I have also been interviewed by Univison and contributed to popular Latino blog, Latino Rebels. (Click on each logo to read story)

"UT Austin Creates A Major in Mex. American Studies"

I was an interviewee for a story on Mexican American Studies degrees.




"States OK Saught for Mexican American Class"

I was interviewed on my experience in Mexican American studies classes.




"A Need for Cultural Education"

After graduating I contributed an op-ed on cultural education to the UT Austin award winning student newspaper The Daily Texan.



Opinion Line

I wrote an op-ed on the topic of the video below for Fox News where a portion was featured on USA Today's opinion line, marking its prominence.



                                                                    Female Empowerment

I have also contributed content to organizations such as Slant News & AOL's Cambio Online, (Click on logo to read more)


My "Senior Capstone Project", which I completed my junior year at UT Austin, was a group multimedia project on the experience of Hijabi Women.


Due to my work covering women's issues I was invited to become an influencer for MOGUL, a global platform read by more than 18 million women worldwide. My role is similar to a LinkedIn influencer where my writing is featured. across the site.




Because of my experience in financial aid and interest in higher education I joined 1000 Dreams Fund as a blogger. This organization focuses on funding dreams of college females and high school seniors such as going to a industry event or art supplies to prepare for a showcase.

Previous Editorial Board Member

Not only did I serve as intern for Latinitas, a nonprofit in Central Texas, but I also wrote for their online platform for Latina pre-teens.




Since the beginning of 2016 I have contributed over 200 hours of volunteer work for Goodwill Industries of South Texas, United Way of South Texas, and  the Tip of Texas Family Outreach Center. While most of the things I did in college involved volunteer work I still went out of my way to do volunteer work on my own - such as volunteering each Christmas at least 15-20 hours a year donating gifts to children. I love volunteer work and even do some of my services pro-bono (but we can talk more about that).